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  • Dhan Prapti k liye kre upay

    Dhan Prapati Ke Totke
    Here, we are going to prominent and pretty much beneficial Dhan Prapati Ke Totke. If you perform all these, you will definitely get positive results.
    Dhan Prapati Ke 5 Totke
    If you wish to get success in your professional life, business or in study, place an image of lord Hanuman who is flying or you can going on. This kind of image of Lord Hanuman is considered very auspicious and good to place at home or workplace. The whole environment gets auspicious. You must do worship of this image daily to get oozed with positive results.
    The main of person of the family should follow a rule to fetch prosperity to the home. He/she should not take these kinds of food in the dinner like Rice, Sattu, Curd, Milk and Carrot. If you follow this rule, you will comfort any kind of financial problem in your life at any step.
    In Hindu religion, Rice is considered very auspicious. If you use red colored purse to keep money as well as put Rice and Kaudi favourite of Goddess Laxmi inside it that means it never let you down in the money matter. Your money box will always be full of money.
    If you are doing this like you try to wash your feet with your another feet while taking bath or when you smear oil on your hair, you use it to your face and hands too, stop doing this as it makes Goddess Laxmi annoying and you will not find yourself able to save money.
    The first Wednesday of every month take five small bowls Sabut Moong Daal and wrap it into a green hanky. Then offer it on-going water body after sun rising or before sun setting. Performing this Totka helps you to bring you out of the financial problem if any.